POLITICO’s Off Message Podcast: ‘I Don’t Know Exactly What the President Cares and Doesn’t Care About’ An interview with Mayor Steve Benjamin at SCNY 18

Donald Trump is the first American president to live his whole life in a city, but the war on American cities in his presidency so far has put him and congressional Republicans on the wrong side of a “moral battle,” said Steve Benjamin, the new president of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

METROPOLIS: Smart Cities Conference Raises Concerns About Those Left Behind by Technology

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel isn’t known for pulling punches, and at a recent smart cities conference, he lived up to that reputation. During his keynote discussion, he spoke to a packed audience about the need for social inclusion, saying “if you can’t have people with the tools to access [smart city technologies], it’s just a good concept for a conference.” While the blunt comment may have been expected of Emanuel, that urgent warning wasn’t an aberration at the conference either.

Smart Cities Dive: Top 5 takeaways from Smart Cities New York 2018

Last week, the Smart Cities New York conference at Pier 36 on the Hudson River welcomed 1,300 people for two days of panel discussions, keynote speeches and seminars on a host of issues facing cities as they look to get smarter.

From broadband internet and blockchain to affordable housing and closing the educational achievement gap, speakers covered a wide gamut of areas where city leaders are looking to innovate and improve their citizens’ lives.

With speakers including New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Iceland President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, there was plenty of star power on hand to share best practices with city leaders, private companies and other stakeholders.


statescoop: New York and Chicago mayors herald resurgence of the city-state

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel visited Israel last year to sign the paperwork on a water research partnership between that country’s universities and schools in his cities. The arrangement, Emanuel described, will foster knowledge-sharing between a country that knows how to manage a scarce water supply with a city that sits on one of the largest freshwater bodies in the world. To Emanuel, it’s an example of how forward-thinking cities are stepping out on the world stage without the help of a national government.
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Simon Sylvester-Chaudhuri on “A Better Mouse Trap”

Marcos Dinnerstien interviews Simon Sylvester-Chaudhuri Executive Director and Co-founder of CIV: Lab and Co-founder of Smart Cities New York (SCNY) North America’s leading global conference exploring the emerging influence of cities in shaping the future. With the global smart city market expected to grow to $1.6 trillion within the next three years, Smart Cities New York is Powered by People and guided this year by its “Emerging Power Of Cities” theme.
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POLITICO Announces Top Roster of Speakers at Smart Cities New York 2018

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Joins Top Roster of Over 20 Mayors

ARLINGTON, VA – POLITICO, the most robust news operation and information service in the world specializing in politics and policy, today announced the latest roster of top speakers at Smart Cities New York (SCNY) on May 8-10 at Pier 36 in New York City.

Speakers include business leaders, academics, and experts who join an impressive list of more than 20 mayors across the United States and around the world. A complete list of speakers can be found here.

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Audible CEO Don Katz Q&A for SCNY 2018

What does “Smart City” mean to you?
In Newark, a big step toward an ever-connected urban reality was covering a two-mile stretch of downtown with free, outdoor public 400 mbps Wi-Fi — many times faster than what most Americans get in their homes. That allows anyone to sit in Military Park, down the street from our world headquarters, and access coursework, pay bills or stream movies, and it opens up a future in which the city uses real-time data to deliver better services to its citizens.

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POLITICO Announces Moderators and New Speakers for Smart Cities New York 2018

POLITICO, the most robust global news operation and information service specializing in politics and policy, announced that a roster of top reporters will serve as moderators at Smart Cities New York (SCNY) 2018.
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POLITICO: Michael Hancock, Jan Vapaavuori, Ahmed Aboutaleb, Steve Benjamin Among the Mayors Attending Smart Cities New York 2018

ARLINGTON, VA – POLITICO, the most robust news operation and information service in the world specializing in politics and policy, announced alongside Smart Cities New York (SCNY) its first slate of national and international mayors who will be attending and participating in this year’s conference.
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POLITICO Announced as Official Media Partner of 2018 Smart Cities New York

ARLINGTON, VA – POLITICO, the most robust news operation and information service in the world specializing in politics and policy, today announced a media partnership with Smart Cities New York (SCNY). Recognized as North America’s leading global conference to address and highlight solution-based issues that cities face today and in the future, SCNY explores the importance of democratizing and humanizing technologies of the future to improve the quality of life for all citizens. Guided by the idea that smart cities are truly “Powered by People,” the conference convenes thought leaders from private and public sectors, academia, and NGOs to explore the political, economic, social, and technological dimensions of urban life in the 21st century.
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